01. Classy at first,
chaos at midnight

Get ready for the party of your lifetime. Us tech nerds and design hippies will deliver the world with a party where hell breaks loose!

02. Nerds goin' places

And not just any place. This modern day lan party will take place at “De Loods” Mechelen. Free parking available.

03. PING! Guess it's
alcohol'o clock

Wait wait hold your horses! This ain’t a casual student party where only drinking matters. Beside wine and different beers, we also serve soda drinks and coffee. But a little sneaky drop of the good stuff isn’t prohibited! Disclaimer: Don’t drink and drive!

04. Time is relative,
your presence is absolute

Relative or not, we’ll see you there on the 5th of may at 20h00, that’s an absolute truth. You’ll be presented with a glass of sparkly bubbles until 21h00. Perfect to set your mood for the happy hour.

05. Be bold, not broke
ya cheap fck

Just kidding, and tickets are free and booze is cheap so you won’t be that much more broke than before.

06. Dress to impress,
dance with finesse

Channel your inner fabulous self and excell at our dresscode: touch of silver or pink. It’s not like we’re not gonna let you in at all if you don’t comply, but you better do! Who doesn’t wanna be a living discoball?

Classy Chaos

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